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Buy direct or from selected Bridal Boutiques

Probably the best wedding present you will get, ideal for smoothing crease from your dress on the big day, and freshening up the grooms suit, then pack it in your bag to ensure your honeymoon outfits look fab.

After the wedding you can use the Propress MINI on workday, casual and party clothes to ensure you are always looking the part. And it's not just for clothes, you can use your MINI on curtains and soft furnishings, freshening and sanitising as you steam.

You can buy your Propress MINI direct from us, or from and increasing number Bridal Boutiques. To find out more, please call us on 020 8417 0660 or email us at brides@propress.co.uk

The MINI is available in 3 colours

The Propress MINI is available in a choice of 3 stylish colours; Vintage Pink, Idol Blue or Arctic Grey. Choose which colour best reflects your character.

The Propress MINI comes with a steaming mitt and travel bag. Why not upgrade and have the unique 'Big Belly' tank, a useful larger capacity tank increasing steaming time from 7 to 13 minutes. Or the Propress Pressing Pad, ideal for helping with tricky areas and applications.


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