Travel iron or travel steamer?

A question often posted on the internet is: Which is better to use when travelling; a travel iron or a clothes steamer?

Travel irons are a popular choice when travelling on holidays or commuting. But let’s consider the benefits of a portable clothes steamer.


In terms of portability, both score equally. Both can be easily packed in to your travel bag. The Propress MINI clothes steamer measures just 9x13x29.5cm and weighs just 750 grams, and comes complete with its heat resistant travel bag.

A portable steamer however has a number of additional convenience plus points.

A steamer doesn’t require an ironing board. How many times have you struggled to find, carry and assemble an ironing board in a hotel?

A steamer is faster. Heat up time is quicker (the Propress MINI takes just 45 seconds, whereas most irons take anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes).

Time to complete a garment is also quicker with a steamer (garments being easier to handle on the hanger).

travel steamer

A steamer is easier to use in confined spaces. Without the need for an ironing board you can freshen your clothes in smaller spaces, small spaces being a common issue in hotel rooms.

Freshening clothes

A steamer is more effective at freshening your clothes than an iron. The powerful steam action can kill almost 100% of the bacteria that causes the odours.

So if there are no visible stains then a quick steam can both remove the wrinkles and freshen your clothes, ready for another wear. Reducing the number of washes also helps to preserve fabrics as well as well as playing your part to help the environment.

And steamers don’t just kill bacteria. Steaming eradicates dust mites and pollen, helpful in the hay fever season when pollen sticks to your clothes.

The Propress steamer has earned itself a reputation for stopping common home allergies.  See how steamers help asthma sufferers. Steaming is also an ideal tool for moth control, killing moth larvae which can cause irreparable and costly damage to your favourite garments.


Propress steamers have been scientifically proven to inactivate (render non-infectious) human coronavirus OC43 in as little as 2 seconds.

The study by De Montfort University showed that Propress steamers were effective in deactivating the virus in just seconds.


A big advantage of a portable steamer over a travel iron is its range of applications. A steamer can be used on a wide range of fabrics.

Delicates like silks, velvet, and satin are safe with a steamer. But also suits and wedding dresses.

And steamers can be used for home or hotel fabrics such as bed linen and pillows. The Propress MINI portable steamer has a unique water tank incorporating a dual water feed allowing it to be used in the horizontal position.


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