The MINI gets a big belly!

Can getting a big belly be a good thing?


In the case of the Propress MINI clothes steamer, it can be.

The Propress MINI comes with a standard 130ml water tank which is the perfect balance of capacity and lightness. Enough to take on most steaming tasks yet keeping the unit just 750 grams light, making it one of the lightest clothes steamers on the market.

But should the need arise for longer steaming on more demanding jobs, the MINI has the solution.

Introducing the Big Belly Tank


Unlike any other clothes steamers on the market, the Propress MINI offers a unique interchangeable tank option.

Simply unclick the standard tank of the MINI and click in the Big Belly Tank, job done!

You now have almost double the steaming time; increasing from 7 minutes to an impressive 13 minutes.

Take on curtains, sofas, cushions, even bed linen


Not just a clothes steamer. Your Propress MINI can steam creases out from every fabric in your house!

And it’s better on the move


The MINI allows you to be crease free on the move, packing nicely in to your suitcase, with no ironing board needed at your destination.

But the new Big Belly Tank means you can do more on the move.

Simply opt for the Big Belly when you order your MINI, or if you already own a MINI you can order the Big Belly Tank as an Accessory.

Propress MINI Clothes Steamer

Big Belly Tank