Steaming curtains

Creases in new curtains

What is the first thing you do when you buy a new set of curtains for your home?

Most people hang the curtains straight away to see if they suit the room and are the right length. But most curtains straight out of the packaging are laden with creases where they have been folded.

curtain steamerRegardless of this, most of us will still hang them to decide, and there they stay for days.

Later you may decide you want to remove the creases, but the prospect of taking them down, removing the plastic hooks and trying to iron them is just too daunting. Especially if, like the last time you ironed some curtains you lost your place and ended up with worse creases than when you started.

Enter the Propress steamer

Steaming curtains is so much easier than ironing, and more effective.

Firstly, you don’t need to remove the curtains from the rail, you can steam ‘in-situ’.

Secondly, the process is quick and effective. You see exactly what you’re steaming and where steaming is needed.

On the ironing board, as you probably already know from previous experience, you will try and lay the curtain over the board but most will sit on the floor gathering dirt and yet more creases.

A better way? A definite yes, steaming curtains is fast and effective. You can easil steam on the rail, and with a steamer like a Propress, creases drop out in an instant.

Other benefits of steaming curtains?


1. Removing dust mites

Steaming is a highly effective way to remove nearly 100% of dust mites lurking in the fabric. Dust mites can cause allergic reactions and trigger asthma attacks. A steamer can kill dust mites instantly and help in preventing allergies.

2. Eco friendly

Steamers work without the use of harmful chemicals, potentially harmful to you and the environment.

3. Removes odours

In killing bacteria, the steaming process also freshens the fabric and removes undesirable smells and odours.

4. Gentle on fabrics

Ironing compresses fabrics at high temperature and over time can lead to shining and premature wear. Steaming simply relaxes the fibres to remove the creases and in doing so preserves the look and life of the fabric.

See the Propress curtain steamer

Some people say ‘what did we do before the internet?’

Well, the same thing applies to steaming curtains. Once you have tried it you’ll realise you should have tried it years ago – there’s simply no alternative.


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