Steamers for Bed Bugs

It’s likely you didn’t read it here first, but there’s an ongoing bed bug infestation across Europe — with a particular focus on Paris, France. But why the City of Love in particular, and is there a reason to panic?

steamers for bed bugsOne of the first things to address is that Paris is no stranger to travellers — what with its Instagrammable architecture and délicieuse dishes. In fact, Paris is the world’s most-visited city with 44 million tourists in 2022. And since bed bugs have been known to hitch a ride via travellers’ clothing and luggage, the post-pandemic increase in travel may be causing this upsurge in bed bug sightings.

It has also become known that bed bugs are now resisting insecticides. In other words, these blood-sucking critters have evolved to survive chemical methods typically used to destroy them. They’re biting back! Luckily for you (and for us), steaming doesn’t rely on chemicals.

Propress steamers use temperatures of 100 degrees Celsius to almost immediately eliminate bed bugs and their eggs. So, quit panic-Googling and allow us to cure your newfound insectophobia.

Why are bed bugs a bother?

These Paris-ites are nasty, bitey, and difficult to get rid of. While a bed bug bite isn’t life-threatening, creepy crawlies are not something anybody wants to share a bed (or a seat on the Metro) with.

Plus, there are taboos around having bed bugs on your clothing and in your home such as a lack of hygiene. And nobody wants to be associated with such connotations.

It’s gettin’ hot in here

One of the main weaknesses of these insufferable mini beasts is extreme temperatures.

Research shows that washing clothes at a temperature of at least 60 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes terminates all bed bugs and eggs.

However, that isn’t helpful when it comes to mattresses, carpets and furniture.

Hot steam from a Propress steamer can reach killer temperatures, penetrate most soft surfaces, and produce intolerable conditions for bed bugs, killing them and their eggs almost instantly.

Unlike pressure steamers that simply blow bed bugs away, the gentle atmospheric steam from a Propress steamer can neutralise bed bugs in place while sanitising soft surfaces.

There’s no need to evacuate or hire pest control as steaming is a simple and easy process, taking just a few minutes.

steamers for bedbugsAnyone can do it!

So grab a Propress steamer today and say goodbye to bed bugs once and for all.

The Propress MINI Clothes Steamer is the handy portable steamer which can be used horizontally on bed linen, or there’s the Professional PRO Series if you want to include other household tasks such as curtains and sofas.

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