Option 1 - Return to base for servicing

Propress have been making and servicing Propress steamers for over 40 years. If there’s something wrong with your Propress steamer and you’ve gone through all the troubleshooting options, it might be time to let the professionals have a look at it.

  • Call or email Propress with your details, we will need to know: where to collect from, where to send the bill, what the steamer’s serial number is (there should be a small sticker on the side with this on), and what’s wrong with it.  Don’t worry we don’t expect you to be an engineer, but if you can give us an idea of what it is doing (or not doing) it gives our engineers a place to start.
  • Pack your Propress steamer for transit.  This means: take off the hose and poles (if there’s nothing wrong with these keep them with you – we just want the body of the machine), make sure the machine is empty of water, box the body of the machine up in a sturdy cardboard box, put something with your address inside the box (so we know where it’s come from) and our address on the outside (so we know where it’s going).  If you are in Europe, we will send you the shipping label to be put on the outside of the box
  • If you are UK based we can then arrange a courier to collect your steamer.  If you are based in Europe we will send you contact details of your local courier office so that you can schedule the collection yourself once the goods are suitably packed. Please bear in mind you will need to be in for the collection and the couriers need at least a four-hour window to collect, so don’t book a collection for a day where you’re out at appointments all day, or the collection will fail and there may be additional charges.
  • Once the machine has arrived with us (for the UK usually the day after collection, for EU countries normally 2-3 days) we will get our engineers to take it all apart and figure out what’s wrong with it.  Once we know that we can give you a ring with a quote.  To give you an idea, Propress steamer repairs in the UK (including return carriage, labour, packing and parts) usually cost between £75.00-150.00+VAT.  European steamer repairs are normally slightly more expensive, reflecting the higher carriage costs involved.
  • You then need to make a decision; is it worth repairing, is time to buy a replacement, or an upgrade? Either way, once you’ve made your decision we will leap into action and try and get your repaired or replaced steamer back to you within 2 working days (2-5 for EU customers).

We understand that many of our customers cannot be without their steamers even for a few days.  If this is the case for you give us a call on +44 (0)20 8417 0660 and we can hire a Propress Steamer out to cover you for the duration of the repair.

Most repairs take 5 working days or less.

Option 2 - Purchasing parts

We would always recommend that Propress steamers are fixed with Propress parts by Propress engineers, but we understand that in some circumstances, e.g. overseas customers, that is not possible. We can supply parts to be fitted by a qualified electrician or appliance engineer, if you happen to have one handy.

Since there is no guarantee on parts fitted by someone other than a Propress Engineer, to avoid disappointed customers we do not currently offer parts for sale on the website, but you can buy them over the phone. If you’re not sure exactly what parts you need, you can call +44 (0)20 8417 0660 and ask to speak to one of our engineers for advice. We can also supply exploded drawings and wiring diagrams for all models of Propress steamers.

Please be aware that for the very old models (2500 & 3800), since we stopped making these models in c.2000, there are some parts we simply do not have and cannot get anymore. We know you love your old Propress steamers, but as a rule of thumb, if they’re old enough to go to university, it might be time to let go.