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The Propress MINI Big Belly tank extends steaming time from 7 to 13 minutes, essential to ensure that the bride and all her bridesmaids are looking superfine and glam!

Simply click through on the button below, then choose the colour for your Propress MINI from the dropdown menu, and make sure you have the 'MINI with additional BIG BELLY Tank' option selected, when you get to checkout add the Coupon Code Rewritten23 and Propress will deduct £20 from your order!

Offer is valid on all purchases before 31/07/2023

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Rewritten - why we use Propress Steamers

Rewritten design and make bridesmaids dresses for the modern bride and her bridesmaids.

We are inclusive of size and shape and we encourage you to show off your personality through our beautifully crafted collection of crepe and satin bridesmaids dresses.

We believe that no bridesmaids dress should be worn only once and that is at the heart of everything we do. Taking care of your dress is the best way to keep it in great condition to wear time and time again.

We love using the Propress MINI in our showroom to steam out any creases on the dresses, and our customers love using them on the morning of the wedding. The Propress MINI works perfectly on both our satin and crepe materials, as well as bridal gowns.

Propress trusted by professionals

Since 1980 we’ve been working with leading fashion brands and bridal boutiques, to ensure that their dresses are always runway ready. The introduction of Propress MINI, our latest handheld steamer enables every bride to ensure their dress is ready for the walk down the aisle.

So, let the Propress MINI take just a little bit of stress out of your big day. Our lightweight, portable steamer will effortlessly remove creases and perfect your dress at the touch of a button, (that’s if you can wrestle it out of the hands of your bridesmaids).

Simply pass the Propress MINI over to the groomsmen and easily steam suits and silks in seconds, ensuring your entire bridal party is ready to step out in sartorial style.

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