Professional Curtain Steamer Bundle

The Propress Professional Curtain Steamer Bundle is the complete curtain steamer kit, with its top of the range Propress PRO580 steamer, the Drapery Kit for high drops and the Propress Carry Case to pack everything in for storage and taking out on site.

You can also add the new mighty MINI, ideal as trouble shooter for steaming on the move. Choose from four options to make up the perfect bundle for your curtain steamer needs.

£707.40£913.68 Includes Free UK Delivery


£707.40£913.68 Includes Free UK Delivery

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Professional Curtain Steamer Bundle

Professional curtain fitters, this curtain steamer bundle is designed for you.


The curtain steamer that packs 40 years of steaming expertise to give you impressive crisp, crease-free results every time.

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Benefits of the Propress curtain steamer bundle

The Propress 580 is the ideal curtain steamer, with its convenient large capacity tank and standby setting. Penetrating even the thickest of curtains, plumping up fibres and rejuvenating textures leaving them soft, smooth and crease-free.

Propress curtain steamers are so much faster, safer and quicker than ironing. Curtains hang naturally, making it easier to steam from the track.

No need for cumbersome ironing boards. The Propress professional curtain steamer also kills bacteria leaving your curtains fresh and odour-free. This unique triple action helps fabrics look fresher for longer.

40 years of working with professional curtain fitters

The Propress Pro Series has been developed from over 40 years of working with fabric professionals in soft furnishings and fashion.

As a result Propress produce one of the most efficient steamers in the world. Propress Steamers unique aluminium nozzle channels steam at precisely the right heat, density and pressure, whilst confirming the action with its heated steam plate.


Why a Propress for curtains?

Propress started making steamers in 1980, it is the definitive steaming brand from the steam experts, a firm favourite of leading international fashion brands and London Fashion Week. We don’t do anything else and that’s why we do it so well. Propress delivers quality, performance and customer service.

Not simply steam

A Propress steamer doesn’t just produce steam, it produces a consistent flow of dense hot crease-busting steam, whether you are steaming curtains 3.5m high, or the hem of a dress, you can be sure the steam keeps flowing and is directed to wherever it's needed.

Built to last

Propress has been ticking the boxes for sustainability since inception, using high quality materials throughout, ensuring longevity and serviceability and giving a great return on investment as well as outstanding results. From delicate wedding dresses to vintage jeans, a Propress Steamer is simply the best steamer money can buy.

Easy maintenance

Keeping your curtain steamer in top working order is simple with a Propress, even in hard water areas. The design of the PRO series Propress steamer, with its stainless steel tank, means that scaling issues are kept to a minimum, and periodically flushing out and descaling ensures optimum performance.

Steam on the hanger

Designed to save valuable time and space, steaming clothes on the hanger or on the rail with a Propress Steamer is quick and effective. There's no need for cumbersome ironing boards, instead garments can be hung on the integral pole set for easy steaming.

Hygenic steam

Delivering steam at temperatures of 100 degrees C, Propress is an effective part of your cleaning protcol; killing bacteria and mould which can cause odours. Propress Steamers are also an ideal tool for moth control; steaming killing the moth larvae which can cause irreparable damage to your favourite curtains.

Lightweight and manoeuvrable

Despite the high levels of power and stability, the Propress PRO series curtain steamers are remarkably light at aproximately 8.5Kgs, with double wheel castors; ideal for use at home, shop or film set.



Customer service at Propress is excellent. If you come to them with an issue they deal with it promptly and their aftercare is second to none

UK Charity

We always receive an efficient and personable service from the Propress team, they are more than happy to go the extra mile in order to meet our requirements.

Ralph Lauren

I don’t think I've ever had such Great customer service! 5* Thank you for all your help, and as I said, if you ever need a hat!

Thank you so much for your help and prompt service last week with our steamer. We will be recommending Propress for customer care, fantastic advice and service, well done.

Thank you for your truly excellent service and kindness. Everything went according to plan and I received the steamer today at 8.30. Bravo to the delivery Company you used.

It is such a rarity to actually be able to get through on the telephone to a living person given the times in which we live. Please keep doing the same thing.

Worked for a design company many years ago. The Propress is as good now as it was then - top marks.

An amazing piece of kit. How did we ever live without one of these? The 2 litre tank means you can steam a lot of garments before having to wait to refill the tank.

My wife recently purchased a much cheaper one for her shop, but we opted for this one for home use and she (having used both) says the difference is dramatic.

The staff at Propress have always been an absolute dream to work with. All of our orders are efficiently processed and our needs are always met, no matter how late in the day.

Ted Baker

Simply the best! This is the third steamer I've owned and beats the others hands down. Everything about this steamer has the look and feel of quality, making it a joy to use.

What an excellent team Propress are, and I would never look to use anyone else! Thanks for your endless hard word guys - we love you here at Ted!

Ted Baker

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Do you have any Health & Safety advice?

Every steamer goes out with an instruction booklet and an A4 Health and Safety poster that can be displayed in store where the steaming takes place. However we are well aware that not everybody reads instruction booklets. We have found that if a document is co-branded with your company logo, your staff are more likely to pay attention to and retain the information. We have come up with a Health & Safety pack that includes training schedules, risk assessments, basic safety and operating instructions and routine maintenance advice. Just email us with what you need and a jpeg of your logo to [email protected] and we will be happy to discuss your requirements. Need something a bit more specific, tailored to your individual needs? Let us know, we will do our best to help so that you and all your staff can steam happily and safely.
Instruction booklets and A4 Health and Safety posters are available in a variety of languages.

What maintenance is required?

Propress Steamers were designed to perform and built to last. But like any product engineered to the highest specifications, the Propress Steamer lives longer when it's given the regular care and attention it requires.

Weekly Maintenance
Your Propress Steamer has been up and running for a few days now, and it’s time to give it a bit of TLC. A good habit to get into is a weekly maintenance routine. A well looked after Propress Steamer performs better and lasts longer, sometimes for over 20 years!

Propress Steamers recommend that you rinse out your Steamer once a week:

Take off the hose and poles
Make sure the machine is empty then pour 1 litre of water in
Swill the water around inside the tank and then empty through the hose hole – ideally into an outside or floor level drain
Rinse and repeat until the water runs clear
Periodically when following the above procedure, remove the sight glass cap and carefully pour cold water through the float chamber to remove any impurities. Replace sight glass cap and dry any water spillage.
The outside of your Propress Steamer should be cleaned using a damp cloth. Do not use any detergents or polish.

FAQs (cont'd)

I've left it until the last minute to order a steamer for my curtains, can you help?

The short answer is “Yes!”. If are in the UK and you place your order before 3pm Monday – Friday you should receive your steamer the next working day. If you need the steamer delivered on a premium service, say by 12pm or by 9am we can arrange it. Based in the London area and need a steamer even more urgently than that? Well we can help you arrange a courier, so you receive your steamer within a couple of hours. Still not quick enough? Pop in to our South Wimbledon base and pick a machine up there and then. If we’re delivering to an EU country we may need a bit more notice, but if you’re willing to pay for a premium delivery then we can easily get a quote from the couriers for you. We want to make you happy, let us know what you need and we will do our best to make it happen.

Can I buy a fabric steamer as a gift for someone else?

Yes you can. Given how much work we do in the charitable sector it is not surprising we often get asked if someone can buy a garment steamer to donate to a charity shop, or just as a present to make a friend’s life a bit easier. All invoices are sent separately from the clothes steamer, so you don’t have to worry about someone seeing how much you’ve spent, on the delivery note. While we can’t offer a gift wrapping service, we’re quite happy to include any personalised message you may like on the delivery note – just let us know if you need something different at [email protected]


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