How clothes steamers save you money

steamers save moneyIt’s fair to say that pretty much all of us in the UK are worried about the current rising costs and the levels of inflation.

According to the Guardian food prices have been increasing at their fastest rate in 45 years.

We are all looking for ways to cut costs, and here we want to show how a Propress clothes steamer can do its bit to save money.

Saving money with a clothes steamer

Here we list just how a Propress garment steamer can help cut costs:

  1. Reduces dry cleaning costs. Did you know that using a garment steamer can actually substitute, or if not then delay, the use of a dry cleaner? That’s right – steaming can extend the time between dry cleaning visits. Steaming not only removes wrinkles but freshens the garment by killing the odour causing bacteria.
  2. Reduces laundry expenses. Steaming can revive lightly worn clothes that are not necessarily dirty but may have some wrinkles or odours. Instead of washing them after every use, you can simply steam them to freshen them up. This can significantly reduce your laundry expenses, including water, detergent, and energy costs.
  3. Extends the lifespan of your clothes. Steam is far easier on the fibres of fabrics compared to the traditional iron, which involves fibre pressure and direct heat contact. Ironing can cause wear and tear, fade colours, and even leave shiny marks on certain fabrics. Steaming helps maintain the quality and integrity of your clothes, allowing them to last longer.
  4. Versatile and multi-purpose. Clothes steamers can be used on a variety of fabrics, including delicate materials like silk, satin, or chiffon. Having a steamer means you can handle different types of garments, reducing the need for professional services or special equipment for different fabrics. Apart from clothes you can use your steamer to freshen and remove creases on a range of household fabrics: bed linen, cushions, table cloths, sofas, curtains, even carpet indentations made from furniture legs.
  5. Time-saving. Some steamers (like the Propress MINI) heat up faster and generally take less time than ironing, freeing up your time – and as they say ‘time is money’.
  6. Minimizes the risk of damage. Ironing requires skill and precision to avoid scorching or damaging delicate fabrics. If you accidentally burn or ruin a garment while ironing, you may need to replace it. Steaming is far gentler to fabrics.
  7. Don’t have to buy specialized clothing care products. Ironing often requires additional care products such as starch sprays and distilled water for steam irons. The Propress PRO Series steamers only needs tap water.
  8. steamers save moneyReduces energy costs. As mentioned above, clothes steamers are quicker than irons, thereby saving you electricity.
  9. Portable and travel-friendly. Steaming devices come in various sizes, including compact and portable models such as the Propress MINI. If you frequently travel for business or leisure, having a travel steamer can help you avoid costly hotel laundry services. You can quickly freshen up your clothes in your hotel room, saving money on laundry fees and minimizing the amount of clothing you need to pack.
  10. Repurposes old/pre-loved clothes. Steaming can be a useful tool for breathing new life into old or thrifted clothes. If you find a second-hand item that fits well but has wrinkles or stale odours, steaming can restore it to a wearable condition, without the risk of damaging the fibres. This can save you money by expanding your wardrobe without having to buy brand new clothes.
  11. Washing your curtains at home. Rather than sending your curtains to the dry cleaners you can wash at home and steam on the rail for the perfect finish.
  12. Perfect for a great finish on the wedding day. Steamers are ideal for wedding dresses, handling delicate materials and designs with ease, and again saving on expesive dry cleaner trips.


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