Handheld steamers proving popular

Handheld clothing steamers cut time in half

Sales of handlheld clothes steamers have rocketed over the last 5 years according to the Daily Record, who claim a growth of +128%. The same article claims a time saving from steaming compared to ironing of 50%.

handheld steamersThe article talks about ironing being one of the most hated chores in the household, with 10% of people in the UK claiming they will never iron.

But the time saved using a handheld clothing steamer is turning the job of crease removal on its head.

Not only is the steaming action quicker than the iron, time is saved not having to set up an ironing board.

What handheld clothes steamers offer

Clothing steamers, regardless of being handheld or not, offer a range of benefits.

This has been covered in two other articles Clothing Steamer versus the Iron and  Benefits of a clothes steamer but a key benefit is versatility.

Not all clothes are created equal

As the Evening Standard writes, not all clothes are created equal, with trousers being relatively easy to iron but “pleated skirts, ruffle tops and shirts of pretty much any design – prove an absolute nightmare”.

Ironing garments such as these can take considerably longer than a clothes steamer, and there’s also a risk of potentially burning the fabric.

And because clothes steamers don’t actually make contact with the fabric the shape and vibrance of the fibres is preserved, leaving clothes with that ‘like new’ bounce and freshness.

Handheld steamers mean portability

Handhelds mean you can quickly and easily freshen up clothes on the move.

So all the benefits of a clothes steamer but now an appliance you can easily fit in your bag and use whenever you need to.

The all new MINI

The new MINI clothes steamer from Propress, re-writes the rules on handheld clothes steamers.

Using the learnings from the successful PRO series bought by top fashion retailers, the new MINI has a design and use of quality of materials like no other handheld on the market.

Propress as a business do nothing else but clothes steamers and have poured 40 years of know-how in to their new MINI to give you even more versatility at your fingertips.

What others say about handheld clothes steamers

Hannah Betts in the Mail Online writes “My fashion editor friend Cleo raves about them: ‘Steaming is effortless and not only wipes out wrinkles, but also kills bacteria, keeping clothes fresh — perfect for anything that’s dry-clean only. They’re also brilliant at preventing moths.’

Bree Grant from Lifehacker, AUS writes “If the thought of ironing makes you all kinds of angry, you’re not alone. It’s one of those dreaded household chores we all put off, trying to convince ourselves that walking around in wrinkled clothes isn’t really that bad.  Thankfully for all of us, handheld steamers exist – and they’re just as good.

They’re perfect for when you can’t be bothered to whip out the iron, and they do just as good a job, if not better. These compact, easy steamers will leave your clothes wrinkle free while the high temperature steam also removes cigarette, food and body odours and kills up to 99.9% of bacteria. Win, Win!”

And from Rolling Stone:

While tossing items into a washing machine will always be the most effective way of sanitizing your clothing and bedding, a steamer is a gentle alternative for things that can’t be soaked in water (i.e. furniture, pillows, and delicate shirts and sweaters). It can also be an alternative for items that can’t be rubbed and scrubbed.”

So why not check out one of the Propress best sellers, the Propress MINI.

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