In your box you will find:

  • 3 Part pole set and top hook
  • Steam hose with aluminium nozzle and protective cotton cover/bag
  • 3 Castors
  • Funnel
  • Safe Operating Poster

To setup your steamer:

  1. Before assembling, fit the 3 press-on castors to locating holes in chassis base of steamer.
  2. Screw together 3 part pole set, and screw into base pole on chassis
  3. Screw hook on top top of pole set ensuring the hook is over the body of the machine – not to one side.
  4. Push down and twist to secure the hose onto the machine and rest the nozzle in the hook – holes facing upwards.

Your Propress Steamer comes with an Instruction Booklet and a Health & Safety Poster. To use the steamer safely you must read the instruction booklet before use. If your instruction booklet is lost or missing you can download a replacement here or contact us for a free replacement on 020 8417 0660 or at