Propress announced as partner of Fashions Finest AW22 Showcase

Propress have been sponsors and suppliers to London Fashion Week for many years but for 2022 we are going full steam ahead by supporting Fashions Finest as an Official Partner.

We love attending the shows and being part of the creative energy of LFW – and this year will be no exception!

Fashions Finest has been providing a professional and economical route for designers seeking runway presence and press coverage during London Fashion Week for over 10 years.

They host their own in-house events during February and September each year, giving a range of diverse and underrepresented designers an opportunity to showcase their talent to the wider fashion community.


The main objective of the shows is to raise the profile of the emerging brands that work with them by providing an inclusive, professional and competitive platform to showcase the talents of designers, creatives and models.

We have provided  steamers for the AW22 showcase, where they will be used backstage to help prepare all the garments and get them runway ready.

The PRO Series was made for fashion shows, and it is the perfect tool to get designer pieces looking the best they possibly can. We’re very excited to see what this year’s show has in store!

The show is taking place on 19th February at St John’s Church Hyde Park at 7.30pm and will include a selection of fresh and talented designers, giving them the chance to showcase their new collections.


I was so excited to reconnect with Tim from Propress and I’m delighted to have them as a partner of our emerging designer showcase,

which takes place every February and September during London Fashion Week. Our steamers recently broke and now thanks to Propress we won’t need to replace them as Propress steamers are the best in the business; they’re easy to use and guaranteed to get those stubborn creases out in super-fast time. – Deborah St. Louis Director, Fashions Finest



To celebrate our new partnership with Fashions Finest we’re giving you the chance to win 2 front row seats at their catwalk show on 19th February.

Just go to our Facebook page and look for entry details.

Good luck!