Clothes steamers are faster

Steaming clothes is a faster way to remove creases

It’s a big claim, but let’s jump right in and see how this is the case.

One simple advantage steaming has is that it doesn’t requiring the setting up of an ironing board. This can take a little bit of time, particularly if you need to find a room large enough. There’s no such requirement for steaming clothes, you simply hang clothes on a door.

Clothes steamers also heat up faster than steam irons. Most steamers can reach the desired temperature within a minute or two (45 seconds in the case of the Propress MINI).

clothes steamers are fasterThe actual crease removing process is also quicker with a clothes steamer, mainly because there’s no need to position the garment. With an iron, clothes need to be laid flat on the ironing board, which requires positioning and manoeuvering to ensure proper ironing. With a clothes steamer you simply hang the garment and steam.

Another benefit is the steamer’s flexibility. With an iron you need to adjust temperatures and approach for different types of material, particularly delicates. Not so with a steamer. With a steamer you can safely steam on delicate materials like silk, chiffon, or satin safe in the knowledge you won’t accidentally burning or damaging the fabric.

And finally a clothes steamer can be used in any direction; vertically for hanging garments, dressings, coats and curtains; horizontally for bed linen, cushions, table clothes, and even carpet indentations made from sofa legs. This means a lot of fabrics can be steamed in-situ, without having to move to an ironing board. Curtains, for example, can be easily steamed on the rail. Bed linen can be steamed directly on the mattress.

Steaming is also easier

Firstly, steaming with a clothes steamer is a simpler process than ironing. Steam irons can often require proper ironing techniques, such as pressing, gliding, and maintaining consistent pressure. Clothes steamers, on the other hand, are more of a simple ‘point and steam’ approach. No specific ironing skills are needed, and there’s no worrying about accidentally scorching the fabric.

clothes steamers are fasterAs mentioned above, there’s also no need to separate fabrics. With a steam iron, different fabrics can require different temperature settings to prevent damage. This means you have to separate your clothes and iron them in batches, adjusting the temperature accordingly. A clothes steamer works across all fabric types equally.

Clothes steamers are also easier to use, being more compact and also not requiring an ironing board. The MINI Handheld steamer is the perfect travel companion, being small enough to pack in to the suitcase and easy enough to use for those quick jobs of freshening and tidying clothes after travel.

So just some of the benefits of a clothes steamer over the conventional steam iron, for more benefits please click here.

With all of the above taken together a clothes steamer, particularly a handheld like the Propress MINI, makes for a perfect partner when you just need to quickly tidy and freshen your clothes before popping out. No need for a lengthy ironing process, just a quick steam and go!

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