Clothes steamer

This post looks at what a clothes steamer does for your garments, and how to use them.

The role of a clothes steamer

According to an article by Which, clothes steamers are what’s known as vertical steamers; designed to quickly neaten clothes on the hanger, without the need to set up an ironing board.

So a device for speedy crease removal, but is this the only benefit of a clothes steamer over the conventional iron?

As we will see below clothes steamer offer a number of benefits, some may surprise you.

An iron is only applicable for certain fabrics

Clothes steamers are ideal for soft and delicate fabrics like silk, satin, polyester and jersey; fabrics which if ironed could actually burn the fibres.

A clothes steamer also comes in to its own on fabrics that are difficult to iron, such as a screen-printed shirt or a suit jacket.

Suits are an interesting one – if you iron a suit there is a high risk of fibre compression making your suit look shiney, obviously not desireable.

Also any clothes where the shape of the garment needs protecting then clothes steamers are the answer.

A clothes steamer versus the washing machine (or dry cleaner)

Washing clothes in a washing machine causes irreversible damage to the fibres. During the wash cycle clothes rub together and the fibres weaken.

Now obviously you need to clean your clothes, but when clothes are still reasonably clean it can be sufficient to simply steam.

Steaming your clothes with a clothes steamer is effectively a non contact, non chemical process, so helping to preserve fabrics. If your clothes are unstained, steaming with a clothes steamer can be a great way to freshening up fabrics without damaging the fibres.

A clothes steamer can also be a great money saver when it comes to dry clean only items. A quick freshen up with a steamer can cut down the need for more regular dry cleaner visits.

A clothes steamer is more convenient

While ironing requires a cumbersome ironing board (which you may not always have to hand!), clothes steamers only require the hanger. Not only that but clothes steamers are much faster than irons.

So all in all, for people away on business or staying somewhere where an ironing board is simply not possible or realistic, the clothes steamer really does come in to its own freshening up clothes.

Clothes steamers have wider applications

Unlike an iron, clothes steamers can be used to freshen and de-crease a much wider array of fabrics than simply clothes.

Curtains, sofas and cushions can all benefit from a steamer to freshen things up.

99% of bacteria is killed with a clothes steamer

Odour causing bacteria are killed in the steaming process as temperatures reach 212-230°F.

So not only are your clothes germ free but smelling extra fresh.

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