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Trusted by Professionals

Propress is the ultimate steamer company that you have probably never heard of. But for the last 40 years we've been designing and manufacturing steamers. It's all we do, and people say we're pretty good at it!

Our professional steamers have been the highest-quality, longest-lasting, most-reliable clothing steamers on the market for over four decades.

Our secret? We know the importance of speed, value and of course quality. This is why we are still the steamer of choice for some of the leading brands in the UK and Europe.

Quality and value

Our diverse range of customers is testament to the brand.

Propress is used in high street fashion, by chains and independents, soft furnishings, charity shops, where return on investment is paramount.

And of course, bridal boutiques where reliable gentle and safe steaming is essential for delicate and high value gowns.


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