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Clothes steamers for the fashion industry since 1980

For over 40 years Propress has been manufacturing clothes steamers for the fashion industry and beyond. Today, we are proud to still be doing what we do best – providing businesses and households with clothes steamers to care for life’s essential fabrics.

Retailers using Propress


Gentle on fabrics, tough on germs - steaming is cleaning.

Propress clothes steamers kill bacteria and remove odours fast, without damaging fibres.

Why steam?

Steamers for Fashion

Get the look you want, when appearances mean everything.

Professional Steamers


Steamers for Bridal Wear

Give special day fabrics the care and attention they deserve.

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Steamers for Charity shops

Brings vintage and used fabrics back to life, for longer.

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Steamers for Film and TV

Propress Steamers are used around the world to prepare wardrobes and sets for action in half the time.

Professional Steamers

Film + TV

Steamers for Interiors

Breathe life into furniture and furnishings around the home.

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About Propress

Founded in 1980, Propress was the first British company to create clothing steamers for the leading fashion houses.

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Customer care

Whether you need advice on which Propress steamer to buy, how to hire or you need to get your steamer serviced, we're here to help.

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Benefits of Propress Clothes Steamers

Propress Clothes Steamers offer a number of advantages over the steam iron when it comes to freshening up fabrics and removing creases. Let's look at the top six benefits.


Propress Clothes Steamers heat up faster than steam irons. Irons take on average about two minutes to heat up before using, whereas Propress steamers range from 45 to 90 seconds. The action of steaming can also be faster than ironing, and there's no ironing board to set up.

Care for fabrics

Steamers work by relaxing the fibres of the fabric. Ironing, on the other hand, uses a combination of steam, heat and pressure. This can cause irreversible damage to garments over time. Propress Clothes Steamers can extend the life of clothes, particularly vintage and delicate materials.

Steamers don't use chemicals

Steaming a garment can be a way to freshen things up between washes, cutting down on the use of chemicals. Less visits to the dry cleaners are needed when a steamer can be used to remove creases in jackets, coats and dresses, again saving the environment from harmful chemical waste.


Designed to save valuable time and space, steaming clothes on the hanger or on the rail with a steamer is quick and effective. With Propress Clothes Steamers there's no need for cumbersome ironing boards, instead garments can be hung and steamed straight on the hanger.

Propress Clothes Steamers kill odours and bacteria

Delivering steam at temperatures of 100 degrees C, a Propress steamer can become an effective part of your cleaning protcol; killing bacteria and mould which can cause odours. A Propress steamer is also an ideal tool for moth control; killing the moth larvae which can cause irreparable damage to your favourite garments.


Easy to use on the move

We've all experienced the problems of ironing in hotels and trying to find an ironing board. A MINI Clothes Steamer packs easily in to your travel bag and doesn't require an ironing board.


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